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How has the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden evolved since its inception in 1890 and move from central campus to Strawberry Canyon? 

The Story of the gardens

From its inception on campus in 1890, near the Glade, to its move to Strawberry Canyon in 1925: The Botanical Garden has gone through a lot of changes, in more ways than just its location. What else is in store? 

Conceptual Context to consider

Shifting historical uses of Botanical Gardens, changing perceptions and involvement of the community, educational expectations, and challenges with financing have all impacted the role Botanical Gardens play in our culture. But how? 

the garden in context

UC Berkeley's Botanical Garden was subject to all the contextual influences that other botanical gardens were as well. How has the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden changed in relationship to all these conceptual ideas? 

Significance for   Berkeley in American culture

UC Berkeley's Botanical Garden is an incredible and unique asset for UC Berkeley in many ways. How has it contributed to UC Berkeley's broader perception as an intellectual institution within American culture? 

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